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It’s Time for the Next Step!

Hello everyone!

Last Monday, we sent Etsy a letter, detailing our demands and asking them to open a dialogue with us.

Etsy ignored us.

Today is one week with no response from them. Let’s become harder to ignore.

Above is a PDF of the letter we sent to Etsy last Monday. Today or anytime this week, please download the letter, print it out, and send it in via snail mail to Etsy.

Except… We are creative people. We never do anything by halves. Let’s make those letters traveling through the mail this week as unique, as pretty, or as fun, as each of us can possibly imagine!

We invite you to decorate the outside of your envelope before you send it to Etsy. Make it just as beautiful and/or original of a creation as the items you sell in your Etsy shop.

Send your letters to:

Etsy, Inc
117 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Before you mail it, take a picture, and post it on social media! Use the hashtag #lettertoetsy. Then head to our Discord server, and share your post in the #share-this-now channel. We can work together to help all those social media posts get as much traction as possible.

Come join us!

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