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ISG Official Launch

We livestreamed our launch on three platforms on September 5th, 2022. Watch it above! Below, you can see the page content we wrote to promote the online event. Thank you so much to everyone who came and made it an interactive fun time!

The ISG is a nonprofit organization to function as a union for online independent sellers of handmade, vintage, unique and craft goods all over the world. Born from the groundbreaking Etsy Strike in April of this year, sellers and supporters have continued working to build solidarity and leverage our numbers to advocate for ourselves collectively.

We will be streaming live on all of our platforms and share more information and the story of how we started. We will also have a panel of our volunteers to answer your questions. 

Our panel will include:


Interim President, Councilmember, Blog Committee Chair, Web Design Committee Chair


Interim Vice-President, Councilmember, Membership Verification Committee Chair


Interim Secretary-Treasurer, Organizing Committee Chair, Bylaws Committee Chair


Councilmember, Public Relations Committee Chair


Dr. Samantha Close, Research Committee Chair

We will also be revealing the new membership directory for all our seller members!

At ISG, we have been hard at work over the last few months building a new kind of labor organization that can connect sellers all over the world and respond to the needs of our non-traditional workplace. Workers everywhere are organizing, rejecting the big tech corporations’ idea that we are just small pinions that don’t deserve the rights of employees. Or as Josh Silverman, Etsy CEO said “Each of our sellers is a blade of grass in a tornado. They’re someone you’ve never heard of”. We have joined in that fight.

Like with any grassroots attempt to build something new, this has taken a lot of time with several unexpected challenges along the way. We want to thank everyone so, so much for your patience, especially those who have supported us since the strike. 

Here are just a few of the many things we have worked to put in place since April:

  • Building a website from scratch
  • Developing seller member verification that is fair, transparent, equitable, and resolves the reseller problem we see on Etsy
  • Training volunteers
  • Writing the bylaws
  • Creating New Member Orientation
  • Connecting with online marketplaces, media outlets, and other nonprofits
  • Setting up pesky legal stuff like a bank account and incorporating as a nonprofit. 

Each step has required us to learn and apply new skills in order to build an organization that can operate with transparency and consistency while responding quickly to the needs of sellers. It’s been a layered and complicated process! Thank you again for standing with us throughout it.

Please join us! Seller membership is open to all active online indie sellers of handmade, vintage, and craft goods. 

We hope to see you on September 5th!

Hi! Can you help us spread the word about our virtual live launch?

We’ve made a bunch of images to make it easy to share! Scroll down for copy-paste text blurbs! And as always, feel free to remix and create your own versions in your style!

Here is a canva template containing all three of the images above. To use it to create your own version, delete the two pages that you don’t want, and make your edits to the remaining page!

Here are two versions of an image with the quote from our home page – with and without the url.

We also have printable flyers, with qr codes that link to this page!

Finally, here are a couple images that are square instead of portrait orientation:

Here are a few sample text posts. Click the copy button to copy to clipboard!

Join us for the live virtual launch of the Indie Sellers Guild on Sept. 5th at 1 pm EDT!
The ISG is a labor organization established to promote the interests of online sellers of handmade, unique, vintage and craft goods all over the world. It’s time that indie online sellers leveraged our solidarity and our vast numbers to make our voices heard by big tech platforms. 

At the launch, we’ll share more about the formation of the ISG, and what we hope to accomplish with the organization. Prospective members will be able to attend an online Q&A panel and learn how to apply for membership. Buyers, family and friends can also join as ally members to lend their support to our struggle.

Learn more at
Join us for the live virtual launch of the Indie Sellers Guild on Sept. 5th at 1 pm EDT! Find out more at:
#ISGlaunch #indiesellersguild #creatorsrising #indiestrong
Remember the Etsy Strike?  It was only the beginning! Find out more at:
#ISGlaunch #indiesellersguild #creatorsrising #indiestrong
The Indie Sellers Guild is having a virtual live launch on September 5th! Find out more at:
#ISGlaunch #indiesellersguild #creatorsrising #indiestrong