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New Video Promoting the ISG!

Check out this awesome video made by an ISG member to spread the word about our guild:

We really appreciate the time Kei spent making this for us!  Her shop is  She creates some herbal blends that sound divine!

I think my favorite part of our Etsy Strike days was seeing the cool things all of you came up with to promote the strike. We had hilarious memes, a wide variety of visual styles, and even original artwork from several people.

These days, it’s me behind most of our graphic design – at least the images we share on social media. After the Etsy Strike, we’ve tried several times to set up systems to create content in a collaborative fashion.  It turns out, it’s very hard to do!  When Kei reached out wanting to create this video for us, we thought really hard about our current setup from the standpoint of someone wanting to help who found us more recently, and it gave us some new ideas.

We’re setting up a system which we hope will make it a lot easier to collaborate with us in content creation, as well as other areas.  The first step is a big update to our volunteer page.  We plan to have that ready to go within the next week or two, but in the meanwhile, I thought I’d share the slideshow I created to go across the top:

We really can’t do this without your help, and we appreciate – so much – the time and contributions of our amazing volunteers!

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