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Our Mission

The Indie Sellers Guild exists to promote the interests of online sellers of handmade, unique, vintage and craft goods all over the world. The ISG seeks to harness the power inherent in our vast numbers, to grow it and to put it to work for all independent online sellers.


To accomplish our mission, we work to: 

  • Organize indie sellers to advocate collectively for fair and transparent policies in online marketplaces, primarily Etsy
  • Speak with one unified voice for the interests of indie sellers to the media, legislators, and the general public 
  • Support the creation of a co-operative alternative marketplace to empower artists and sellers, not enrich CEOs and investors
  • Create a community where we can connect and provide resources, education and best practices to lift up all indie sellers around the world.
  • Build a democratic organization where everyone has an equal voice and any member can get involved. 

About us

The Indie Sellers Guild organizes independent sellers to demand equitable and fair treatment in online marketplaces. We’re independent artists, vintage curators, and small businesses working together to fight exploitative fee structures and policies that harm our livelihood and creativity. We promote equal treatment of all indie sellers and small businesses.

We advocate against the “Amazonification” of online marketplaces, where authentic handmade and vintage artisans are displaced by dropshippers and sweatshop profiteers. Instead, we work to preserve spaces for sellers and buyers to come together in appreciation of art and creativity.


Collage of images (by leftie lori) made to promote the Etsy Strike

The Indie Sellers Guild was born out of the historic Etsy Seller Strike of 2022, where nearly 30,000 sellers joined together in a weeklong protest of Etsy’s corporate greed and exploitative policies. The strike created an international media sensation that Etsy simply could not ignore any longer, prompting Etsy executives to acknowledge sellers’ grievances and even make some limited concessions to our movement!

As creators we know that every stitch, every brush stroke, every layer, and every single item we curate makes our shops and our brands stronger as a whole. During the Etsy strike, we learned that every single seller and supporter who lent their voice helped make our movement more powerful as a whole as well.