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Support Small Sellers – Freedom from Etsy and other Big Tech

How can we work together towards a fairer internet, where artisans, creators, and curators can earn a decent living? How can we apply those lessons to other industries and platforms?

We will launch our Marketplace Accreditation Program, unveil our new membership site, and discuss how we can continue to fight the exploitation of creative indie sellers by big tech platforms.

Tickets are only $1.00 to attend the live convention. You do not need to be an ISG member to attend. And for $5 you can have lifetime access to all the recordings!

Panels include:

Did a platform shut down your account, withhold money, or take down your listings? Or even take money directly from your account for supposed terms of use violations, as happened at Paypal?

We know the options are limited for platform workers and small businesses that have been screwed by the tech platform they earn income through. But in this panel we’ll talk about best practices you can take, any steps to protect yourself as much as possible, and the success stories we’ve heard from people who fought back.

We have both a crowd-sourced database of alternative marketplaces and websites to Etsy AND a math tool that lets you plug in item prices and see the cost in fees of each marketplace! Join us for a live demo, ask questions about these amazing tools and share what other features you want to see.

ISG President Kristi has over 15 years experience as a creative indie seller and navigating the ever changing landscape of Etsy. Hear her presentation on how to use your Etsy shop to build up the traffic to your own standalone site, all still within Etsy’s rules!

A presentation on the results from our Marketplace Research Study! We spent a year collaboratively designing the study with creative indie sellers and gathered over 1300 responses on topics ranging from fees, customer service, who is allowed to sell, search functionality and more.

Learn what the data says creative indie sellers want from a marketplace for handmade, vintage and craft goods. Learn what customers prioritize when searching for handmade and vintage businesses. This presentation is for both marketplaces and sellers themselves.

Online platforms are the newest work environment, one that does not yet have the legal protections of other work. Let’s discuss how platform workers can work together to fight against exploitation. We’ll share what has worked for us, both during the Etsy strike and since we formed and grew the Indie Sellers Guild.

The first UK marketplace to apply for ISG accreditation, join us for a live interview with the founder of Mayfli. Learn about this marketplace that offers seller support and training and have a chance to ask your questions.

The first marketplace to volunteer for ISG accreditation back when we first pitched the program, join us for a live interview the founder of Goimagine. Learn about this marketplace that gives sellers a vote on the board and donates their profits to charity and have a chance to ask your questions.

We realized that the problems Etsy sellers face are the same problems platform workers and small businesses face on other platforms. And that regardless of industry or type of business, there are a ridiculous number of ways big tech platforms can essentially steal money from those who generate the actual value for the platform!

Hear the stories from our ongoing research on how platforms mess with the money of those who make a living on them and join the discussion on what we can do about it.

Guest speaker Wendy Rosen has been a leader in the American handmade industry for over 40 years. Join us for her presentation on why we need transparency on where products were made, both so customers know what they are buying and authentic handmade sellers can stand out from fraudulent resellers. Learn about the important legislation we are supporting to combat the reselling of mass produced goods fraudulently labeled as handmade. 

In 1982, Wendy Rosen founded the Buyers Market of American Craft, aka American Made Show. The show grew to include 1,600 exhibiting artists and 8,000 attending buyers from galleries, museums and design firms and became a 14 Billion contribution to the nations annual GDP. 

In the 1990’s Top department stores, museum shops and national park stores started to look overseas for products that suspiciously resembled the works of American artisans, Rosen founded the American Made Alliance and advocated on Capitol Hill for improvements to product labeling enforcement. 

Today, Rosen helps individual artists with business strategies for growth as well as providing community development plans for cultural tourism and Main Street organizations.

Amanda McCarty from Clotheshorse Podcast joins us to talk about how we can support the kinds of businesses we care about and shop our values. An advocate of the slow fashion movement with over 15 years experience as a buyer in the fashion industry, Amanda will share her insights on how the different movements such as shop local, shop eco friendly, and shop handmade are not always the same, and how we can be better informed to spend our money in line with the issues we care about.

Panels will be a mix of pre-recorded videos, live videos that will be recorded for viewing later, and chat discussion — participate on your own schedule from any time zone! All live events will be held that weekend but recordings will be available for a two week period around the event. Or purchase lifetime access for only $4 more.

Other events:

  • Silent auction
  • Vendor row
  • Information from other organizations for creative indie sellers
  • Research surveys to let your your voice be heard
  • Opportunities to network and build community
  • Giveaways and exclusive merch

Check back as we add even more information and resources!

Verified seller members are invited to both donate items to the silent auction and create themed merchandise for the convention. To learn more, log into your account and click “Vending and Merch” in the member menu.

Are you a business or organization that supports fair treatment for creative indie sellers? Learn more about how to sponsor the convention!

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