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Volunteer for the Indie Sellers Guild

Please login to the website to use the links and see members only information on this page.


Don’t forget to share your membership badges! We have Ally Member Badges you can share on social media or use as a profile picture to show your support for indie sellers and the Indie Sellers Guild.

For seller members we have Verified Seller Member Badges to share on your business sites so that customers can shop with confidence. Post on social media, include in your About Me, add into the banner at the top of your site or shop. Seller members can have their own personal Membership Card with their Member Number. Add to your shop or print out and display at events to let everyone know you are a true indie seller. 

Spread the Word: 

Please help us spread the word! The best and fastest way you can help us is to share one of our “I joined the Indie Sellers Guild” graphics on social media. You can find them all here, as well as sample posts, hashtags, and fliers to print out.

Want to get more involved in telling people about the ISG? Going to an event and want to have something to hand out? Email Chiarra at [email protected] or join the Organizing Committee on the Discord.

Member Verification: 

Are you an ally member and want to help sellers become verified? Are you an already verified seller member who can help other sellers through the process? We always need volunteers to help with seller member verification, so that we can process applications timely and give accommodations to anyone who needs them. All volunteers go through training and have a checklist to follow.

We are looking for volunteers who can do 5-10 applications a week, or 20-40 a month, a time commitment of 2-4 hours/month. The best way to sign up is to join the Discord (instructions here), but you can also email at [email protected]


Do you prefer working quietly at your computer? Do you want to help the Guild, but can’t commit to a consistent time or to a deadline? We always need people to help with ongoing research projects on the topics sellers need to run their businesses. Currently projects include: Etsy Alternatives; Interstate and International Shipping, Taxes, and Fees; PayPal freezing artists accounts; Etsy Transparency Reports and Reseller Data. To volunteer, head to the Research Committee on Discord (instructions here). We are looking for volunteers who can do 30-60 min a week or 2-4 hours a month.


You can also help us greatly by donating to the guild. We’re all-volunteer, so 100% of your donation will go to expenses like web hosting, and email hosting. No donation is too small – we appreciate them all. Every donation helps us keep our virtual lights on!