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About Us

The Indie Sellers Guild is a grassroots nonprofit organization, by indie sellers, for indie sellers.  We fight for a better, fairer internet – where makers, artists, designers and other creative indie sellers can run sustainable online businesses.

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What we do

When big tech platforms make changes that hurt sellers, we fight back! We raise public awareness of the changes and their negative impacts as well as coordinating with watchdog organizations about what sellers can do in response.

Current Cause: Plaid

When Etsy began forcing sellers to give their banking info to the 3rd-party company Plaid, we shared information about Plaid’s sketchy history of privacy violations and legal trouble. Sellers collectively sharing their concerns and delaying verification made Etsy extend their verification time window until after the crucial holiday season.

Current Project: Marketplace Accreditation

We are surveying members and other sellers about what they want to see in an online crafts marketplace. The next step is working directly with marketplaces to advise them on changes, and to create a marketplace directory.

We amplify sellers’ voices to platforms, legislators, the media, and the general public.

ISG in the News

We started with a petition to Etsy that received 82,000 signatures in just 4 weeks.

Join over 3000 members in at least 18 different countries.

This map shows rough locations for our first 500 members. We’re a worldwide organization, growing every day!

We connect sellers and allies all around the world via social media:

  • Discord Server
  • Facebook Group
  • Subreddit

Find the links to these communities in the members-only section after you join!

Our Member Networking Program helps members support each other’s businesses and connect for cross promotion, events, photoshoots, and more.

We educate sellers about new policies and laws as well as provide access to resources on running a small crafting business. Click here to read our blog.

We educate the public on who indie sellers are and help them shop with confidence. Click here to view our member directory.

Our Structure

We are two connected nonprofit orgs dedicated to helping Indie Sellers:

A membership organization for creative indie sellers, whose needs and rights as workers have been erased in the online platform economy.

A tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on education, outreach and research of the major issues facing creative indie sellers.

From Our Members

Please join us! All our memberships are free. Seller membership is open to all active online indie sellers of handmade, vintage, and craft goods. Friends, family, and supporters can join too, as an ally member of the Indie Sellers Guild.