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Indie Sellers Guild Media Coverage

This page contains all the media coverage for the Indie Sellers Guild, with the most recent articles at the top. In the section below is all the media coverage for the Etsy Strike of 2022.

229 Etsy Sellers Are On Strike – 2 Girls 1 Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
Listen to this episode from 2 Girls 1 Podcast on Spotify. Etsy — the online marketplace for bespoke, handmade goods — has a labor problem. Despite robust profits during the pandemic, the platform has made recent changes that are angering its seller community. Most complaints revolve around increased fees, forced advertising programs, middleware payment systems (with additional fees), and the algorithmic prioritization of cheap, mass-produced goods — arguably the antithesis of Etsy’s “mom and pop” roots. Kristi Cassidy, a longtime Etsy seller, voiced her concern on Reddit, and many agreed. Now, a variety of shops have gone on strike in an effort to raise awareness of the squeeze. This reignites the age-old Internet question of who has more power: The platforms that create the ecosystem, or the individuals who create all the stuff on the platform? Alli and Lindsey talk with Kristi about this budding freelance labor movement, and its implications for other Internet gig workers. Check out Kristi’s steampunk clothing designs! Support 2G1P on Patreon! Join the 2G1P Discord community: Join the 2G1P Facebook Group: Email us: [email protected] Call the show and leave a message! (347) 871-6548   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Digital Human – Series 26 – Power – BBC Sounds
Catch up on your favourite BBC radio show from your favourite DJ right here, whenever you like. Listen without limits with BBC Sounds.
Etsy Sellers Demand Reversal of “Train Wreck” Policy
The company is asking users to verify their bank details via Plaid, a fintech company that recently settled a privacy class action lawsuit.
Etsy strike: How a Philadelphia crafter is helping unionize ecommerce – On top of Philly news
Online platforms are reaping huge profits from the independent merchants that make up their user base.
Angry Etsy Creators Build a New Platform – TheStreet
After an Etsy sellers’ strike, creators are building a safer space to make and sell their wares.
Etsy : les travailleurs indépendants de la plateforme créent leur «syndicat»
La plateforme américaine Etsy, spécialisée dans la vente d’objets fait main et vintage, fait face à la fronde de ses vendeurs indépendants.
Etsy sellers are officially launching a guild to protect merchants | Mashable
After the Etsy strike earlier this year, merchants are organizing to form a guild and to empower Etsy sellers.
Etsy strike organizers are forming the Indie Sellers Guild to assist retailers – Polish News
Etsy strike organizers are forming the Indie Sellers Guild to help merchants – The Verge
Following the Etsy strike in April, organizers have created the Indie Sellers Guild, a nonprofit organization that will advocate for policies that help merchants on the platform and others like it. Etsy sellers have criticized fee increases, mandatory marketing programs, and other changes on the platform.
Etsy strike with R.I. roots marches on as Indie Sellers Guild
Etsy sellers protest fees by halting their sales for a week – ABC News
Some vendors on Etsy say they are halting sales of their items on the site for a week to protest a hike in the fees the crafts e-commerce marketplace charges them

Etsy Strike Media Coverage

This page contains all the media coverage generated by the movement that birthed the Indie Sellers Guild – the Etsy Strike of 2022. It’s quite a staggering amount!

Click the links below to jump to a section. Media is arranged by first letter of the media organization that featured us.

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Media A-C

Etsy sellers protest fees by halting their sales for a week – ABC News
Some vendors on Etsy say they are halting sales of their items on the site for a week to protest a hike in the fees the crafts e-commerce marketplace charges them
Etsy exits emotional storytelling in new ads amid seller strike | Ad Age
Etsy is moving away from its recent emotional work with a new campaign.
Sellers strike as Etsy raises transaction fees amid record revenue | Al Día News
More than 5,000 sellers are going offline, and more than 47,000 people have signed a petition in support.
Etsy sellers protest fees by halting their sales for a week | AP News
NEW YORK (AP) — Some vendors on Etsy say they are halting sales of their items on the site for a week to protest a hike in the fees the crafts e-commerce marketplace charges them. Starting Monday, Etsy sellers must pay a 6.5% commission on each transaction, up from the 5% in place since 2018.
Etsy sellers protest, strike over higher fees
Etsy says it will reinvest the money to attract new customers.
Thousands of Etsy sellers on strike this week over fees
After a fee hike that many sellers say is untenable, a large number of craftmakers who sell their goods on the online marketplace Etsy say they are “on strike” this week to protest the increase.
Etsy Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) – Etsy Strike: Why Are Sellers Protesting And What Could It Mean For The Stock | Benzinga
A trending topic on Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) Monday and Tuesday has been #EtsyStrike, a boycott of the e-commerce site Etsy Inc (NASDAQ: ETSY). Here’s …
Etsy Strike Will Leave Buyers Unable to Purchase Items — Best Life
Following the announcement of a 30 percent increase in transaction fees, Etsy sellers are going on a weeklong strike starting April 11.
Etsy Sellers Strike Over Transaction Fee Increases – Bloomberg
More than 18,000 Etsy sellers have pledged to join a strike protesting a 30% increase in fees that takes effect today.

Etsy sellers’ strike is ‘decisive’ for LGBTQ+ artists and people with disabilities –
Etsy sellers on strike, ‘designers’ versus ‘decorators’ and more
This just in: Busts are having a major moment, as homeowners fill their shelves with the heads of everyone from the Greek poet Sappho to David Bowie. Whatev…
Etsy Sellers Are Protesting New Fees On The Platform
Thousands of Etsy sellers and customers have signed an online petition demanding the company reverse its plans to raise transaction fees.

Etsy Sellers Protest Fees Hike After Platform’s Pandemic Revenue Soars – CNET
More than 15,000 of the site’s 5.3 million sellers signed a petition decrying the growing costs of selling on Etsy.
Some Etsy sellers to strike as online marketplace hikes transaction fees – CNN
A coalition of thousands of Etsy sellers signaled support for a one-week strike starting on Monday — the same day the online marketplace known for its unique handicrafts will start hiking the fees it charges those who use its platform to earn a living.
Etsy CEO Josh Silverman awarded $40M in pay after strike | Crain’s New York Business
The Dumbo-based marketplace said Josh Silverman hasn’t received a “long-term incentive” in years
Etsy strike: Sellers protest fee increase | CTV News
Thousands of sellers on the popular global marketplace Etsy have thrown their support behind an online strike to protest what they describe as unfair and costly changes to the platform.
The Etsy Strike: What to Know
On Monday, thousands of Etsy sellers put their shops on vacation mode and asked their customers to boycott Etsy stores, kicking off a weeklong strike against higher transaction fees on the platform.

Media D-F

The Etsy Strike May Be Over, but Its Sellers Vow to Keep Fighting
When Etsy raised its transaction fees by 30 percent, its sellers went on strike. Discontent over executive bonuses and other company management issues is still simmering.
Daily Dot Newsletter: Why Etsy Sellers Are On Strike
In today’s Internet Insider newsletter by the Daily Dot, we look at the top viral news of the day plus we have our weekly tech column.
Etsy Surveys Sellers on Their Reaction to This Week’s Fee Hike – EcommerceBytes
Etsy is surveying sellers about their reaction to this week’s fee hike, a vehicle to show how it is investing in seller benefits.
Etsy Sellers Are On Strike, & Here’s Why
Etsy sellers are going on strike starting April 11, here’s why and how you can help.
Etsy sellers go on strike over fee hikes | Engadget
Etsy sellers have started a strike in response to fee increases and other programs..
Thousands of Etsy sellers are going on strike in April | Fortune
The independent crafters will be putting their shops on “vacation mode” to protest new Etsy policies, and they are asking buyers not to shop.
Etsy sellers on strike

Etsy Sellers Strike as Site Ramps Up to Battle Amazon | Fox Business
A battle over the future of Etsy Inc. is playing out in public this week as some sellers protest higher fees and changes the company says are needed to compete for shoppers.
Etsy strike organizer says forming a union is the next step | Fox Business
In the online petition addressed to Etsy CEO Josh Silverman, Kristi Cassidy highlights issues she says sellers are facing on the platform, including the company’s plans to increase transaction fees.

Media G-I

Etsy Sellers Are Striking Over Transaction Fee Hikes
Etsy sellers will stop hawking their wares April 11th. They’re calling on buyers to boycott the site from April 11th to 18th.
Etsy sellers to go on strike, shop owners ask customers to boycott site – National |
The e-commerce website best known for the sale of handmade and vintage goods says despite revenue being at an all-time high, transaction fees for sellers will increase.
Etsy sellers close online stores in protest over rising transaction fees – The Globe and Mail
The Etsy strike, involving about 17,000 sellers worldwide, started on Monday and is scheduled to last for a week
Thousands of Etsy Sellers Are Boycotting the Platform Over High Transaction Fees
Sellers are accusing Etsy of “pandemic profiteering” after the company announced a 30% fee increase.
Etsy strike 2022: Strike by Etsy sellers protest rate increases
Etsy shop owners are going on strike after the company raised transaction fees on its platform.
ETSY Stock: What the Strike Means for Amazon and Walmart Marketplace | InvestorPlace
ETSY stock hasn’t been impacted by the Etsy strike, but there’s a bigger picture issue here in e-commerce reliance on third party sellers.

Media J-L

‘Bleed us dry’: Why tech platforms are facing rebellions | The Japan Times
Thousands are in open rebellion against the place they once saw as a safe haven — part of a growing trend of users rising up against tech platforms.
Roughly 14K Etsy sellers go on strike and want customers to boycott
Some business owners have temporarily closed their online Etsy shops during a strike…
Local Etsy sellers strike over fee increase |
If you shop on Etsy, you might have noticed your favorite sellers stepping away from their shops this week. Well, there’s a reason…
Hawaii seller shares her thoughts on Etsy strike
Thousands of Etsy sellers go on strike over increased fees
Tens of thousands of Etsy sellers, including some in the Sacramento region, are on strike. They are calling for the company to cancel a transaction fee increase that went into effect this week.
Spokane Etsy seller feels betrayed by transaction fee increase – KXLY

Media M-O

Thousands of Etsy Sellers on Strike – Marketplace Pulse
Thousands of Etsy sellers closed their shops for the April 11-18th week and are going on strike over increased fees. That’s only a tiny sliver of Etsy’s active sellers; however, the strike attracted viral attention on social networks and from the media.
Etsy sellers strike: Creators fed up with ‘ridiculous’ fee hike – MarketWatch
The increase raises Etsy’s transaction fees from 5% per order to 6.5%.
Etsy transaction fee spikes and vendors strike – Marketplace
Sellers involved in the strike say that the company’s fees hurt the artisans essential to its brand.
Etsy sellers explain why they’re going on strike
Etsy announced a 30-percent increase in seller fees after two years of record profits. In response, Etsy artists, vintage sellers, and other craftspeople will close up shop for a week beginning April 11.
Etsy sellers prepare to strike over increased fees
Etsy sellers are going on strike, demanding lower transaction fees and less pressure to offer free shipping and fast customer service.
Etsy sellers are going on strike
They’re protesting a 30% hike in transaction fees amid record sales and revenue for the company.
Etsy sellers on the platform’s transaction-fee hikes
On Monday, fees increased from 5% to 6.5%, a 30% bump.
Will the Etsy Strike Controversy Impact the Stock? | The Motley Fool
The company has been through similar challenges before.
Etsy strike: What to know about petition, protest and more
Some business owners have temporarily closed their online Etsy shops during a strike…

Etsy Sellers on Strike Against Sales Behemoth
Have you noticed Etsy is kind of a ghost town this week? There’s a reason for that, with sellers going on strike.
Rebellion Is Brewing as Etsy Hikes Fees
Etsy has strayed a very long way from its founding vision, according to sellers who launched a strike Monday to protest the company’s latest hike in transaction fees. The…
Etsy Sellers Say Strike Is About ‘Free Speech’ as Platform Faces Boycott
“We’re paying more, and we’re not getting what we feel like we deserve,” sellers on Etsy said.
Etsy Sellers on Strike Over Transaction Fee (VIDEO) | Business > Company News
Etsy sellers start a week-long strike over increased fees and other conditions : NPR
Thousands of Etsy sellers closed their online shops for a week starting Monday in an attempt to get the company to address several complaints they have about the site.
Etsy sellers launch weeklong strike over increased fees : NPR
Some sellers and creators on the online marketplace Etsy are going on a weeklong strike. They say the company’s fees and unfair practices make staying on Etsy untenable for their businesses.
Etsy sellers could be next to form a labor union
A 30% fee hike went into effect at Etsy on April 11, when fed-up sellers began to boycott the platform, arguing that basic fees have more than doubled in less than four years.
Etsy’s Boost to Fees Prompts NYC Sellers to Boycott – NY City Lens

Dress designer launches internationally recognized strike against Etsy – Orato
There were times I thought, there is no way this is going to happen. If I drop one ball, everything could fail. But, here we are.

Media P-R

Pittsburgh makers join mass boycott of Etsy after fee increase | News | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
For independent artists and craftspeople, Etsy has provided a platform where they can sell their products to customers beyond their local market. As of Monday,…
Shares of Etsy Are Weak and the Sellers Strike Has Just Begun – RealMoney
Here’s my best advice….ETSY
Etsy shop owners striking in protest this month | Retail Customer Experience
An unknown number of Etsy shop keepers are asking customers to boycott the marketplace from April 11 through April 18 in protest of increasing transaction fees. Etsy, in February, announced the fees were increasing from 5% to 6.5%, a 30%…
Etsy retailers mulling union action following strike | Retail Customer Experience
A week after thousands of Etsy shops closed for a week to protest increased transaction fees, Etsy sellers are investigating formation of a union. The news comes after resellers put shops in “vacation mode” for seven days after Etsy announced…
Etsy sellers strike over transaction fee hike | Retail Dive
Retail industry news, voices and jobs. Optimized for your mobile phone.
Etsy Strike: Why Furries Are Boycotting the Platform – Rolling Stone
Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage

Media S-U

Etsy Stock: Fantastic Business But Not Fantastic Investment (NASDAQ:ETSY) | Seeking Alpha
Etsy soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, with demand spiking for last-mile delivery. Read this article to check out why we rate ETSY stock as a Hold.
Etsy’s (NASDAQ:ETSY) Conflict With Sellers Will Bring More Short-Term Turbulence – Simply Wall St News
While 60% declines in stock prices can be painful, they aren’t unusual for growth companies like Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY) during the broad market declines. However, when profit margins start declining as growth becomes expensive, businesses might look to ramp up the margins leaving unsatisfied parties.
Here’s Why Etsy Sellers Are Striking | theSkimm
Etsy sellers are going on strike. Here’s what they’re saying about their week-long protest.
Why Etsy sellers are going on strike, explained.
Sellers feel like the company is taking advantage of them, and a recent change was the final straw.
The Etsy sellers strike was about marketing – SmartBrief
Amid a wave of union organizing at companies like Amazon and Starbucks, the Etsy sellers strike is actually about marketing.
Etsy strike a show of growing progressive movement
Buffalo has been at the forefront of recent similar progressive movements.
Local Etsy shop owner concerned about fee increase (Video) | West Central Florida
Thousands of Etsy sellers are on strike this week. The website features artisans from all over the world, many selling unique,… (15 Apr 2022, 02:45 pm)
Etsy Strike Picks Up Momentum – TheStreet
The hashtag #EtsyStrike is trending on Twitter today.
The First Day of the Etsy Boycott: Sellers Are Striking All Week
The strike starts on April 11th, the same day Etsy’s transaction fee increase takes effect. Etsy customers are encouraged to boycott, too.
Over 14,000 Etsy sellers are going on strike to protest increased transaction fees – TechCrunch
Starting today, over 14,000 Etsy sellers are going on strike as the platform increases its transaction fees from 5% to 6.5%.
Etsy sellers go on strike to protest fee increases | Texas Standard
I’m an Etsy Seller on Strike. Here’s Why I Paused My Shop | Time
Over the last two years, Etsy made record profits with a platform that wouldn’t exist without the labor of independent creators.
Etsy sellers strike: Shops close to protest policies, fee increases
Thousands of Etsy sellers are closing their shops through April 18 in an effort to protest recent corporate changes they say hamper their businesses.

Media V-Z

Etsy Strike Sellers Speak Out
Value Added Resource interviews a group of Etsy sellers planning a strike to protest fee increases & bring attention to issues they face on the platform.
Etsy sellers will go on strike in April and want customers to boycott – The Verge
Thousands of Etsy sellers are planning to close their shops for over a week to protest changes on the platform. Sellers are asking shoppers to boycott the platform between April 11th and April 18th.
How an Etsy founder feels about e-commerce platform as sellers strike – Verve times
Thousands of Etsy sellers went on strike. These Vermont makers might leave the site | Vermont Public Radio
Vermont Edition speaks with a couple Etsy sellers based in Vermont about the website’s recent fee increases and the recent sellers’ strike.
Why are Etsy sellers going on strike? | WANE 15
Thousands of Etsy sellers strike over increased fees – Washington News Post
Thousands of sellers on the popular global marketplace Etsy have thrown their support behind an online strike to protest what they describe as

‘We’re not Amazon. We’re independent artists’ — why these local sellers joined the Etsy strike | WBUR News
Two Etsy sellers share why they are protesting a new fee hike and other Etsy policies they say disproportionately impact independent artists on the platform.
The Webretailer News Digest for April 8, 2022
Walmart is introducing a promotion to entice new vendors to join its Walmart Marketplace third-party ecommerce platform as soon as possible.
Etsy sellers go on strike after a new transaction fee increase |
The website, used to sell homemade goods, is raising its transaction fee from 5 to 6.5 percent.
Local Etsy sellers join in strike against platform
Thousands of people are joining in a strike against online marketplace Etsy, after sellers say they feel the company is taking advantage of them.
Etsy sellers plan week-long strike | WKSU
The week-long strike is an attempt to get Etsy to cancel a significant fee increase and address other ongoing issues faced by sellers.
Maine-based Etsy creators boycotting platform to protest new fees
Thousand of Etsy sellers now pushing back against increased transaction costs
Etsy Sellers Strike as Site Ramps Up to Battle Amazon – WSJ
The crafts-focused e-commerce marketplace is making big investments to widen its appeal; some sellers are temporarily closing their shops to protest direction
Etsy CEO Josh Silverman Stands by Strategy of Competing With Amazon – WSJ
Chief executive says revenue from recent fee increase would be used to attract new buyers: ‘You’ve got to do something different’
Local Esty seller rolling with transaction fee increase |
While thousands of Etsy sellers on are strike, others say it’s just part of owning a small business. One local Etsy shop owner shares how she feels about it.
Etsy sellers launch weeklong strike over increased fees | WUNC
Some sellers and creators on the online marketplace Etsy are going on a weeklong strike. They say the company’s fees and unfair practices make staying on Etsy untenable for their businesses.
Etsy Sellers Strike Out Against Fee Increase | Around the Web |
Yesterday morning, Etsy sellers went on strike in response to a 30% fee increase implemented by the successful e-commerce marketplace. More than 50,000 have signed a petition to cancel the

Etsy strike organizer: ‘We are fed up’ with the platform’s fee structure
Etsy strike organizer Kristi Cassidy joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss why Etsy sellers are going on strike.
Unions are on the rise. Guess why.
These companies aren’t exactly from your grandfather’s day when activists organized the steel, coal and auto industries. The new surge is going after flagships of the tech and service economy.
Etsy strike organizer says she ‘has to leave’ if the company doesn’t meet demands
E-commerce platform Etsy (ETSY) is bracing for impact as more than 12,000 sellers go on “strike.” Sellers are placing their shops on “vacation mode” for up to an entire week to protest new company policies that go into effect today, including an increase in transaction fees from 5% to 6.5%.

Media numbers and symbols

Small businesses go on strike after Etsy raised fees
Etsy works with 5.3 million businesses but recently, sellers have not been happy with their new policies during this time of inflation.
Etsy sellers strike is ‘make-or-break’ for LGBTQ+ artists and those with disabilities
Many sellers who live at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities were already struggling before the e-commerce site’s latest fee increase.

Notable Tweets/Social Shares