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We’re building a coalition for a better internet!

The more we dig into the problems creative indie sellers face earning an income online, the more we have realized that these problems go deeper than the corporate greed of a couple Big Tech platforms. We are facing entrenched systemic problems that not only affect anyone trying to make a living through the internet, they affect customers AND tie into other workers’ issues. For example, almost every term of service now includes a forced arbitration clause. In practice, what that means is that even when a corporation blatantly breaks the law in their treatment of sellers/workers or consumers, it’s almost impossible to file a class action lawsuit. We have found roadblocks like this to accountability at almost every turn. That is why we are building a coalition to fight for a better internet – an internet that fulfills its original promise of equalizing opportunities for all. 

We have found many other amazing movements striving for the same goals, including the coop movement, labor organizations, the open source movement, the solidarity economy movement, gig workers unions, small business groups, and various wonderful organizations for artists, handmade and vintage sellers. We are all fighting for the same thing: to protect the livelihoods of the people who actually do the work, to take back power from giant corporations, and to build places where we can thrive. A Big Tech company should not be able to shut down your shop, effectively closing your business and ending your income. They should not be able to take money out of your account without recourse. They should not be able to push you to work at an unsustainable rate. 

That is why we are calling on you to join our coalition. What does that mean? It’s as simple as opening up a dialogue about what we have in common and how we can help each other, spreading awareness of each other’s work with our individual communities, and sharing resources and tips we’ve found along the way. 

Our Executive Director will be sharing our tips, resources, and insights at our Solidarity in the Face of Big Tech panel at the Indie Sellers Guild convention on April 13-14. The panel will include everything we have found that works best, what we’ve found that doesn’t work. We’ll also discuss how we navigate this space, acting as a labor and advocacy group for creative indie sellers when the current roadmaps don’t work for us. 

You can join the Solidarity in the Face of Big Tech for a live Q&A, or watch the recording anytime afterwards. Tickets are available here (just $1-$5 to cover our expenses).

And if you are one of the organizations fighting for a better, fairer internet and the rights of those who work online, please reach out to us. We would love to talk with you about how we can support each other. If you are an ISG member or supporter that knows of a local organization you think we should reach out to, please let us know.

Contact us here

Together we can take back the power from Big Tech corporations and build an internet that works for everyone!

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