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A Sneak Peek of ISG Member Directory Features

I’ve been working nearly solid on the member directory portion of the ISG website for the past few days, and as a result, my brain is crammed full of computer code!

It’s coming together quite nicely, however! I thought you all might enjoy a preview of some of the things that will be included in the directory.

Avatars and Banners

Your avatar is a square pic that will be cropped round on your profile. Your banner image will appear above it, like in the screenshot below:

For the banner, we recommend a collage of the things you make and/or sell that is three or more times wider than it is tall, and 900px wide or wider. The one you use for your Facebook page header or for your Etsy banner will likely work! The display is pretty similar. The right and left sides will get cropped off at different screen sizes, so keep that in mind with what you upload!

We will make canva templates to help with creating both avatar and banner images.

Keywords Field

There will be a field where you can enter the keywords you want your business to pop up under. The ISG member directory will be searchable by business name, business owner first and last name, and keywords.

Shop Now Button!

This is a bit silly, but I was very happy when I realized that there was a spot for me to add in custom coding on the member profile page! I’d love share our directory as a place for supporters to go to shop from indie sellers at the stores we prefer, vs places like Etsy where the fees keep getting higher and higher. The default profile page simply had a link to the member’s store website. I’m going to add in an actual button, so it’s more attention grabbing!

In a couple days, I should have the “edit directory listing” page ready to go, so you can get your listing looking nice before the directory goes live! I will keep you all posted.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, please sign up to join the Indie Sellers Guild!

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