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Tell us your reseller story!

If you’re a handmade seller on Etsy, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered resellers and dropshippers selling copycat versions of your designs.  If you shop on Etsy, you’re likely frustrated with the FBI-level stalking it takes to find the true handmade or vintage sellers amidst the sea of fakers selling mass-produced factory-made junk at ripoff prices.

Wouldn’t it be great if it were easier to tell the resale and manufactured items apart from things actually handmade or individually curated by humans?

There’s an awesome new bill on its way to the Senate that’s designed to do just that.  We’ve talked about it a lot already, and here’s a video from Chiarra when we were still over-the-moon about helping it pass the first hurdle through the Senate Commerce Committee:

Right now we’re looking to support this bill with stories from people like you!

As a seller, have you seen your prices undercut or your designs copied by cheap knock offs mass produced overseas?

Or as a shopper, were you scammed and bought an item advertised as handmade, only for it to arrive with an obvious “Made in” tag on it?

Please fill out this form to let us know how resellers have affected YOU. We will use these stories to show the media and legislators why work must be done to crack down on these dishonest resellers to protect both creative small businesses and consumers. 

We’ll also share your stories with our thousands of followers on social media! Here are the first three, which we will share starting next week:

Read the full analysis of the COOL Online Act to learn more.

Sign up to support the COOL Online Act and we will send you all updates and calls to action as we work to move this bill to a law.

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