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Hi There

I’ve been selling on Etsy since practically the beginning. From about 2006 to 2015, I was singing its praises. Until Etsy let me down.

I’ve been trying to leave since 2018.

But it’s hard to leave Etsy when you’re successful on it. It means working round the clock to keep track of what’s in stock across two platforms. Figuring out how to translate a business designed for an online marketplace into a business designed for standalone website ecommerce without losing income or your sanity is no mean feat.

And it shouldn’t be like this. We all joined Etsy because they made promises to us. To promote our businesses. To be a marketplace for handmade items, vintage items, and supplies. The low fees were an implied promise that we based our pricing structures on. We built our businesses on the promises Etsy made to us.

And Etsy lied.

Etsy needs to start keeping it’s promises to it’s sellers. They need to crack down on resellers. Actually. Instead of just claiming they will, and then doing little to nothing, like in the past. They need to let all sellers opt out of spending extra money on offsite ads. There doesn’t need to be a fee increase. Instead, they should stop spending money developing counterproductive programs like the Star Seller Program. We are fed up. Etsy needs to listen to Etsy sellers, their customers.

Enough is enough.

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