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Important Announcements for Striking Sellers

Strike day is approaching very very quickly!  I have some important announcements for you.

First, there is now an FAQ page on our site for any questions you may have about the strike. One of our members found an alternative to Vacation Mode that won’t ding our shops in Etsy’s search algorithm, please check it out!!

Second, starting this Friday, we are going to do another push to share info about the strike with our customers.  Use whatever medium is most comfortable to you, and tell your story!  I will be writing a series of blog posts, and several people from our group are making videos!

Third, many of us are holding pre-strike sales – both to promote the strike, and to try to offset the financial damage of shutting down our shops for a week.  Use the hashtag #PreStrikeSale when you share info about your sale on Social Media!

Finally, interview requests are coming in from various news channels like you wouldn’t believe!  We’ve been coordinating these in our Discord server.  If you would be interested in speaking with media on our behalf, please join our server, head to the #sign-up-to-help channel, and click the loudspeaker emoji at the bottom of the message to join the outreach team!

Thank you so much for signing up to be a part of this! 🔥

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