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We Have To Fight This Fee Increase

There’s an informative article by CindyLouWho2 making the rounds. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend giving it a read. Some information inside it really struck me hard.

Etsy has more than doubled transaction fees on most orders in less than 4 years, since the transaction fee didn’t apply to shipping costs before the middle of 2018.

CindyLouWho2 blog, 2022

That is a demoralizing statistic, but I was curious if it was accurate for my shop. Cindy bases her math on a $25 item with $5 shipping. In my experience, that’s cheap for a handmade item. I’ve found that on smaller items like that, the customer service, packing, shipping, photography, and all the other things take rather a lot of time. Such that for a $25 item, the time required to make it should be only about 15 minutes. Most of my items take much longer to make than that. Also, as Cindy states, she didn’t add in the listing fees. I was curious what happens if you add a single .20 listing fee (assuming it’s an item that typically sells before it expires) into the math.

The shipping cost is based on the average for my shop at different price points. It’s added to the price of my items these days – but it didn’t used to be, and it doesn’t change the math since the shipping is simply added into the item price now. Here it is:

For sellers whose items cost between $30-$100 and typically sell before they expire, Etsy’s fees have more than doubled in four years.

It’s worth mentioning that does not include offsite ads. An additional 12% fee that many sellers can’t opt out of.

This is getting out of control.

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