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Announcing… The Indie Challenge!

We’re starting something new – an official monthly Indie Sellers Guild maker/creator/curator challenge! It’ll be a fun collaborative project to grow our businesses and social media followings!

Here’s how it will work:

Every January, we release the official calendar for the upcoming year.  One theme per month.   Something simple enough that it’s easy for everyone to get involved – where it’s likely that you already have a product you can enter, or something that would be easy to sell to people even when the #indiechallenge is new and not a lot of people are searching the hashtag yet.  

But our goal will be to change that!

As close to the 1st of each month as  we can manage, we post our Indie Challenge products, tell our followers to search #indiechallenge to see more cool stuff, and we use three hashtags – #indiechallenge, the month’s challenge hashtag (an already-in-use hashtag for the theme to help reach non-followers), and #indiesellersguild.

The idea came to us too late for January – and too late to collaboratively decide on a theme for February, but we’re deciding the rest of 2023’s themes right now! We’ll start on 2024’s themes in November of this year, so that those of us who need plenty of advance notice (me lol) aren’t left behind!

Please help us come up with fun themes! Join the discussion in the community of your choice – Facebook, Reddit, or Discord. (Links here.)

For February, we’re keeping it simple and doing “Red” as our theme!

We’re hoping you already have something ready to post – any shade of red, including burgundy/maroon/cherry/brick red – feel free to take creative license!

When you post, be sure to tell people to search/click #indiechallenge to see more stuff, and also use #ilovered, and #indiesellersguild. Or, here is an option you can copy and edit to fit your business:

For February, my guild chose the theme "Red" as our #indiechallenge, and here's what I made!  Wanna see more cool stuff from other members of my guild?  Search #indiechallenge!  #ilovered #indiesellersguild

I’m looking forward to searching the hashtag #indiechallenge first thing in February to see all your awesome stuff!

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