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Holiday Products from the Indie Sellers Guild

Here at the Indie Sellers Guild, we’re working hard to help creative people earn a sustainable living online.  As part of that mission, we want to start sharing the gorgeous things created and curated by our ISG Verified Seller Members.

We asked our members to submit holiday-themed products, and received quite a few submissions to share!  We’re starting out with things more likely to be used earlier in the season, like decorations and such.

Give your holiday cards a special touch with these 3D wax seal stickers from Lightbringer Designs:

Wax Seals by Lightbringer Designs

Harry (of Lightbringer Designs) says:

“I’ve been making my own wax seals for 10 years, including many intended for Christmas & general winter holidays cards, and a Menorah seal for Hanukkah. This is very useful if most people you send holiday cards to celebrate Christmas & you like the Christmas Tree stamp best, but you include a few non-Christian families on the list – then you buy the stamp & wax for most of them, then ask for a set of stickers with only holiday agnostic designs like the Gingerbread Man, Candy Canes, or Snowman, or if children or others who don’t want to/can’t use fire want to add seals to their cards.”

The wax in Harry’s shop outlasts even international mailings!

Up next, we have a unique set of four Christmas ornaments featuring art nouveau wood burned designs, by Katy Jo’s Studio. 

Ornaments by Katy Jo’s Studio

The Mucha-inspired figures are accompanied by depictions of classic winter greenery: ivy, holly, poinsettia, and pine. The perfect handmade, luxury Christmas gift that will bring a sophisticated yet natural feel to any Christmas tree.

Stay warm and cozy while you go a-caroling in this set of crocheted hat and fingerless mitts by Hooking Hijinks:

Hat and Fingerless Mitts by Hooking Hijinks

The pompom on the hat is attached with a snap button for easy removal to wash the hat!

If you celebrate Yule rather than Christmas, these coasters by Wild Hudson Studio might be the holiday decoration that you end up keeping out all year!

Coasters by Wild Hudson Studio

There’s a beautiful story about their creation, shared by Daniela, the artist behind Wild Hudson Studio:

“I moved to the Hudson Valley from NYC when I was eleven. I think it was a perfectly terrible time, prime adolescence. A small era of shifts and shuffles. I remember the jarring transition most vividly at night. See I was used to bright lights and loud sounds, I couldn’t sleep for weeks with the quiet of suburbia, the long acres of woods behind my house. It was, all at once, magical and calm, wild and scary. Kinda boring, but beautiful. This handburned coaster set is inspired by that strange time of transition.”

Any beer-lovers on your list?  These ornaments from Mash Note Beer Company are made from upcycled beer cans!

Ornaments by Mash Note Beer Company

There are a bunch of options with artwork from various craft brewers, and there is even an option for garland made from beer caps or corks!

We hope you enjoyed seeing these fun holiday products.  Next week, we will share products by our Indie Sellers that would make great gifts!

Would you like your creative products to be featured in a post just like this one?  It’s one of the many  benefits we offer completely free-of-charge to our verified seller members!  The Indie Sellers Guild is a unique grassroots nonprofit powered by volunteers and donations.  Together, we’re building a better internet for creative people.  Join us!

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