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Holiday Graphics to support Indie Sellers

The holiday season is upon us! We know the next month is the busiest time of year for many sellers, and we want to support you! Our members created some beautiful graphics to spread awareness about the struggles indie sellers face and what we are doing to fight back.

Feel free to download, print, share, or otherwise use these graphics anyway you want. Just please remember to always credit/tag the artist who made the graphic, when provided. Thanks!

A note for gifts

This gorgeous graphic is intended to go with any gift this holiday season. As a seller, you can add it to orders, and as a buyer you can include it with a gift purchased from an indie seller so that the person who receives it will know how special it is.

White square with yellow border and blue ribbon and bow detail to look like a gift. "This is a little note to let you know that your gift is very special-created for you by an indie seller. In a world dominated by giant tech platform monopolies, it's getting harder and harder for artists, makers, and creative business owners to earn a living wage. This year, admits record corporate profits, Etsy announced a 30% fee increase and new shop policies that treat small sellers like they are Amazon distribution centers. We fought back with a week-ling strike and a petition that received 82,000 signatures in only 4 weeks. We will continue to fight for sellers' need and rights as workers with our grassroots movement. By supporting indie sellers this holiday season, you are helping us build a better world for creatives, choosing to value people over the profits of big tech. Thank you for showing us that you care! The Indie Sellers Guild

This graphic was created by the talented Kelly Jo Anderson, Thank you so much to Kelly for volunteering your time and skill!
Her social media links are:

We have three PDF files formatted to be printed on a home computer and then cut out, though feel free to have them printed if you prefer. Kelly recommends heavier weight (usually labeled “premium”) printer paper as it takes the ink better and prints cleaner graphics. She uses Staples Premium White Laser Paper (25% cotton, 32lb) or Neenah Paper Astrobrights Bright White Cardstock (65lb).

When I did a test print, I found I had to select “fit” to make sure some of the border did not get cut off, as my printer does not print all the way to the edges of the paper.

Single 5″x7″ card

2 cards in an 8.5″x11″ page

4 cards in an 8.5″x11″ page

A card for orders

Here is short holiday themed message in support of creative indie sellers and the Indie Sellers Guild. It’s formatted for a business card, and could be printed on it’s own or on the back of your own business card.

A holiday flier

This lovely full page holiday flier has all the most important information about the Indie Sellers Guild and our mission. As a seller or supporter, you can print them out to hand out at events, hang up on bulletin boards, or put anywhere else you can think of to help spread the word about the struggles of indie sellers and what we are doing to fight back.

Flier with pink, yellow, white, and grey blocks with text over them and blue, white, and yellow snowflake graphics. "The Indie Sellers Guild is an international labor organization to promote the interests of online sellers of handmade, vintage, and craft goods." "We are the Indie Sellers Guild" with a logo of a raised fist holding a paint brush, pliers, and a ruler. "Support Indie Sellers this Holiday Season. Our sellers members have: full voting rights, a listing in our membership directory, access to worldwide community of online sellers, the ability to unite & make a difference! Sign up as an ally member to show your support for indie sellers. Membership is free. Join us!

This flier was made by the wonderful Allison, Thank you so much to Allison for donating your talents! Her social media tags are:
Instagram: @vernalcraft
Twitter: @a.missal.a

Verified seller signs and cards

Finally, for our Indie Sellers Guild Verified Sellers Members, we have seller badge signs to print out and display at events, as well as badges formatted to be printed on the back side of a business card. This example and more can be found by logging into the ISG website and going to

Thank you so much and we wish you all a wonderful and successful holiday season!

If you would like to shop from our ISG verified seller members, you can find a directory of their shops at

This directory provides a place for sellers members to list their shop information or links. The Indie Sellers Guild does not collect any fees for the listing or purchases made through the directory.

If you would like to help support the Guild continuing to offer free services such as this to support indie sellers, please consider donating a few dollars at and sharing this blog post on your social media accounts.

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