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Introducing… The Indie Shares Program!

The Indie Sellers Guild has some awesomely big followings on social media.  We’d like to leverage these followings to help our awesome members reach more customers!  

So… Introducing… 

The Indie Shares Program!

This program will help us produce a steady stream of awesome content for our blog and social media, and it could help the ISG gain a great buyer following to complement the seller following we already have.  It’s a win for all parties involved!

How it will work

First, we’ll need to come up with a nice long list of occasions.  For example, we should share some epic finds from our LGBTQ+ indie sellers every year during Pride month!  The holiday season would be a great time to share gift guides.  In October, we could share a selection of spooky products by our Indie Sellers.  We have a lot of wedding vendors, which could be a nice share for either the spring or fall seasons.  And your ideas too, of course!

Here’s how it will work:

1: We share a social media post asking people for submissions that fit the theme

2: People submit their product, a description, and other information via a form that feeds submissions to a Google spreadsheet

3: A volunteer chooses products based on our policies and writes the blog post

4: Our editing team checks the post, adds it to our blog at, and shares on our social media.

5: We contact everyone featured via email to ask them all to share the blog post on their social media.

6: Everyone shares, and new followers (🤞 and customers) abound!

To set up any one of these posts, we’ll need a volunteer willing to take it on. The posts are easy to write (you’ll mostly use content already submitted by other ISG members), but can be a bit time-consuming for those of us with too many ISG duties already!  We’re hoping to find people who have a product of their own that they would like to share within the post they write.  That’s the perfect solution so that you can get a return on the time you spend writing the post.

Our core team has been talking about this program for several months now.  The holidays are rapidly approaching, and we want to help Indie Sellers have a great 2022 holiday season, so it’s time to put the idea in the fast lane!

We hope you’ll join us in the Indie Shares Program!  You’ll need to be a verified seller member to participate.  All our memberships are free, but seller members are verified by a volunteer team of humans, to ensure each one is a true indie seller. If you aren’t yet a seller member, you can apply to become one by clicking the link in the “My Account” menu:

If you are already a verified seller member, please see the link in the members only menu for more information about how the program works, including opportunities for your products to be shared directly by the ISG to our thousands of followers.

Or if you’re already logged in to your seller member account, click here to find out more, and submit your products for consideration.

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