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Our Etsy Alternative Series is Complete!

For the past couple of months, ISG president Kristi has been digging very deep into the reasons our guild isn’t building an alternative marketplace to compete with Etsy.  The series is complete, and Kristi even recorded audio versions for those too busy for written blog posts. We hope all our members will read or listen to it.

Here are all of the articles:

Can We Build an Etsy Alternative Marketplace?

In this post, Kristi talks about some very practical reasons why building an alternative marketplace won’t work for our worldwide guild of incredibly diverse creative businesses, and reveals what we are doing instead.

An Etsy Alternative Isn’t the Answer

This post shares Kristi’s journey from “If Etsy ignores us, WE WILL BUILD OUR OWN ETSY!” to understanding the reality of our situation.  Freedom from Etsy means earning a living wage on an alternative platform.  To achieve this freedom, we must go beyond alternatives.

A Peek Inside Goimagine – A Startup Etsy Alternative

Goimagine is an Etsy competitor open to makers and artists in the US.  Kristi visited their headquarters and got a fascinating inside look at running a startup Etsy alternative marketplace.  This article tells the story.

Audio Versions

Use the playlist below to listen to the audio versions.  It’ll take about 25 minutes to listen to the whole thing from start to finish.

If you read or listen to our Etsy Alternatives series, you’ll notice several mentions of our Marketplace Accreditation Program.  Marketplace Accreditation is our collaborative project to transform the internet – from an internet where creative indie sellers are trapped on monopolies that seek to extract maximum profits from us into a free internet where marketplaces are supportive partners that share in our success.

Click here for an overview of our Marketplace Accreditation Program.

It’s our flagship project – the big one.  And we’re ecstatic to finally be able to start talking about it in detail!  Stay tuned.

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