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Spread The Word to Buyers This Weekend

We have two weekends left to spread the word about our strike and buyer boycott to as many people as possible! It’s an all-hands-on-board moment. We need your help!

We are calling on everyone who has a social media following for your business to share the information about our strike and buyer boycott with your customers. Follow the plan I am following in my own business (auralynne) to try to maximize exposure:

Friday, April 1, 2022:

Ideas for text (use your own words if you can):

I can’t stay silent anymore. We have to talk about Etsy. More on this tomorrow. #etsyfeeincrease #corporategreed #etsystrike

I’ve been staying silent, but I won’t anymore. Come back tomorrow to find out more. #etsyfeeincrease #corporategreed #etsystrike

I won’t keep quiet anymore about what Etsy is doing to its sellers. Details coming tomorrow. #etsyfeeincrease #corporategreed #etsystrike

This post is designed to get attention. Let all your customers know that there is something going on, and ask them to watch your page on Saturday for details. Download the image above to share, or if you have the ability, create your own version with your own branding. The photo used to create this is available here, or for maximum oomph, recreate it using yourself as a model! For instance, I will get all dressed up in one of my over-the-top costumes, and literally recreate the image above, but with myself! (I swear I had plans to do this, but I ran out of time!)

Saturday, April 2, 2022:

Ideas for text:

On April 11, Etsy seller fees will have more than doubled in less than 4 years. #etsystrike #pandemicprofiteering #boycottetsy

Etsy’s April 11 fee increase is just the final straw. #etsystrike #pandemicprofiteering #boycottetsy

Etsy policies hurt small businesses: Mandatory ads that makes our fees expensive and unpredictable, a Star Seller program that forces unrealistic expectations on us, and ever increasing fees. Please help us. #etsystrike #pandemicprofiteering #boycottetsy

Saturday’s post is designed to get our customers on our side, and inspire them to help us spread the word. Which image above will resonate the most with your customers? Download that to share – or create your own with your own branding. On this day, you’ll also add a link to the petition (or put it in your Instagram bio link), but that won’t be the focus of your post.

Sunday, April 3, 2022:

Ideas for text:

Please sign and share to help us fight back against Etsy’s corporate greed! #etsystrike #boycottetsy #corporategreed

Please sign and share our petition to support small businesses. #etsystrike #boycottetsy #handmadesolidarity

Please sign and share our petition, and boycott Etsy April 11-18! #etsystrike #boycottetsy #supportsmallbusiness

Sunday’s post makes it clear exactly what we’re asking for. Make sure you link to the petition and ask them to sign and share.

Finally, be ready for next Friday. That will be when we start a series of social media posts explaining why each of us, personally, plans to strike. I’ve started making notes of some of the things I plan to talk about each day on my business social medias, here’s a sneak peek:

We’ll be discussing this further in the #promote-the-strike channel on our Discord server. Please join us!

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