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Let’s Talk About What We Accomplished

The strike is over. Most of us are heading back to work now. Well, most of us were working during the strike too. Starting stores off of Etsy. Working on upping our social media game. For those of us on the outreach and core teams, media interviews became a full time job for a few days there!

Today, we’re back on Etsy, or about to head back soon, and it might feel like defeat.

But it shouldn’t. We really have come so far. Let’s look at what we accomplished last week.

Every major news media outlet covered our movement. We compiled a list of all articles we could find so far, and it’s rather extensive.

On the first day of our strike, Wil Wheaton made a Facebook post to help boost our signal. Also on that day, Etsy’s founder, Rob Kalin, broke a 7.5 year twitter silence to come out in support of us.

Yes, Etsy ignored us. So far. We aren’t done yet.

We will carry forward everything we have learned in this movement to continue to fight to create a better world for ourselves.

We are forming a solidarity organization for Etsy sellers. We aren’t even sure what to call it yet, but we want to fill the role a union would fill in the workplace. We are working on figuring out what that looks like right now. We plan to have something to announce to you on that front by next Monday.

Don’t forget to send out those letters to Etsy sometime this week!

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